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Newsletter Winter 2016

Welcome to our Winter Newsletter!

Remember we are open 7 days a week all year round serving a full menu all day

Clotted Cream!

We all know that a Cream Tea is nothing without the Clotted Cream, but do you know how this cream is made? We have had so many people ask us this recently that we have detailed below the process.

Traditionally, clotted cream was created by straining fresh cow’s milk, letting it stand in a shallow pan in a cool place for several hours to allow the cream to rise to the surface, then heating it either over hot cinders or in a water bath, before a slow cooling The clots that had formed on the top were then skimmed off with a long-handled cream-skimmer.

Today, there are two distinct modern methods for making clotted cream. The “Float Cream method” includes scalding a floating layer of double cream in milk in shallow trays. To scald, the trays are heated using steam or very hot water. After the mixture has been heated for up to an hour it is slowly cooled over 12 hours or more, before the cream is separated and packaged. The “Scald Cream method” is similar, but the milk layer is removed and a layer of cream which has been mechanically separated to a minimum fat level is used. This cream is then heated in a similar manner, but at a lower temperature and after a set amount of time it is then chilled and packaged.

Gluten free?

We make our own gluten free scones and cakes, so you no longer need to look on longingly as your friends indulge!

Baby Shower, Hen Party, Retirement Party,

Just a few of the memorable things that have been celebrated in our function room this year. Enquire today to book yours!

Can’t manage a dessert?

You can take a bag of 2 scones with you today for only £2.95 or 4 for £4.95, Mmmm can you resist?

We also sell our cakes as Whole Cakes to order

to order yours we do need 2 days notice and they cost £19.95.

“Charlottes Traditional Sweets”

are available near the front door she has all of your favourites! 95p per bag.

Win Win Win!!!

For your chance to win a Cream Tea Gift Voucher simply complete an entry form located near the front door!

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