Franchise Opportunities

Well congratulations on taking your first step to owning your very own Tea Rooms, what an exciting opportunity we have for you!

Why a Shelly’s Tea Rooms Franchise? The public are fed up with the faceless coffee shops that litter our high streets serving pre-packaged food with small portions and large prices, should you want a cheese &tomato sandwich yet all they have is a cheese & onion, tough! you have to have what they have chosen for you.

How are Shelly’s Different? Stepping into this is Shelly’s unique Tea Rooms Franchise, where the focus is on the customer and delivering outstanding individual service and superb value for money, you then have the low start up costs, the fact that we are a proven brand and most important of all we have been there and done it.

Is it difficult to open your own Tea Rooms? Yes defiantly if you are on your own, this is where our franchise opportunity comes into its own, you benefit from all of our experience in setting up and running our Tea Rooms, we have documented every step you need to take and are always there to help you when you need us, remember it is in our interest that you are successful!

Like what you hear?  Would you to like to own your own Tea Rooms? then take the next step in owning your very own Shelly’s Tea Rooms and complete the information in the boxes below and we will add you to our mailing list ensuring that you will be the first hear when we go live later this year.